These are recordings of a live weekly broadcast that I did on TalkShoe from September, 2013 until August, 2017. TalkShoe terminated our live broadcast, and all the archived recordings of these broadcasts. We had the highest audience, chatroom and call in, participation, and downloads of any TalkShoe broadcast. Our program was called “Truth From God”, and we spoke plainly about the reality of today and the scriptures. These saved broadcast recordings are archived on this page. Portions of my Bible translation were used on these broadcasts and can be found on The Dixie Bible page.

For information about how to Download these audios, click this button Download Audio

Click on the Play Now button for the Episode that you want to Download. When it begin to play, then anywhere on the player background either right click for Windows, or control click for Mac, and you’ll see a pop-up contextual menu with options like this:

the pop-up picture 1

Select the "Save Page As ..." option.

the pop-up picture 2

Now you will see your computer's typical "Save/Save As" screen. From here everything is the same as with any item saved on your computer.

the pop-up picture 3

After selecting the dialogue that you might want to change, click the "Save" button, and the download will begin.

Do not close the player until the download is finished. The download will only take a fraction of the time that it takes to play the audio. The player can be put on "pause", and the download will continue until it is finished.

More archived episodes continually being upload from my hard drive to the server.

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